I was diving deeper into the Command Lines today. Ambitiously, I got interested into writing my first script to use, but figured out, that my mac is quite restrictively arranged. I am happy to have my computer secured quite a bit. So, as it is getting late, I postponed running my first script until tomorrow.

I used this Guide: http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/sect_02_01.html

I deepened my understanding for Git, as well. It is quite more complex, then I first expected. I messed around with branching and restoring files from earlier commits. And it worked! I am happy with that.

Next time I will do a better plan of what goals to achieve by the end of the day to minimize distraction. There’s a ton of exciting stuff, that I could learn about programming, but a bit of focus and clear results should help to find a nice path through all the possible skills. Tomorrow I am going to deploy my microsite. It is going to be rudimentary first, but I am going to add more swag to it by each coding-run.