TOC -Introduction -Microsite -Brackets -Git pushing -Bootstrap

Today I continued learning to code. My goal was to launch a Microsite on my main domain, with links to a pdf-Portfolio, my Behance-account, this blog here, my coding trip and an about page. Sounds pretty easy, but the last part got a bit complicated because of the legal details. I think, I got them right.

Then I used some basic bootstrap to get my raw index.html and impressum.html into a better shape. I started coding from scratch first, but bootstrap is a big help for the first steps.

But then I got entangled with Git because I wanted to use the occasion to get the legal details of this blog straight as well. This wasn’t as easy, as I had expected. I hadn’t expected to have such difficulties with placing a plain html/css page inside the jekyll blog. But I had to realize, that I don’t know much about the way jekyll writes the pages out of the files I manipulate. Where could I implement it? I am sure, I will find a solution after investing a couple more hours into this. It’s about progressing into a web developer for me, so it will be worth the effort.