GIVING LECTURES IN CHINA I didn’t mention so far, why there is such a big gap in this blog. It is because of my work as lecturer in China, at the Beijing Normal University Zhuhai. It has been an amazing experience to work two months in China. I focused on that, so that I paused coding for a while. And I am going back there in April until June, so another gap is to be expected. I improved my chinese a bit since my last trip, so I am excited to put it into practice.

GITHUB LOGIN Yesterday I had quite some trouble updating this blog via Git. It took me several hours to figure out that my origin was actually pointing to the wrong Github account. And that is actually strange, because I cloned the repo just yesterday from my main Github account. But I had to set the origin to my other account on which I created that jekyll repo the first time. Now it works, but I still wonder what I would have to adjust to skip the old account in the process. UPDATE: I found a solution to the stated problem. I just have sent an collaboration invitation to my old account. Now I can update my new account repo with my old account. It is a clumsy workaround, but it should suffice for this little blog.