I am continuing with CS50. It is a computer science course by Harvard and it is amazing! It focuses on “C” quite a lot, but that’s quite appropriate for learning computer science. Its not frontend … But for that frontier I started Free Code Camp. That’s another online course. It has an active community, even here in Hamburg. So I already got some good help for my coding projects.

“C” is really amazing. Understanding the basic workings of the machine helps to understand a lot of bugs one encounters in higher languages.

Free Code Hand on the other hand is really great, because there one starts using codepen. This is good for starting to code independent own projects, that are immediately satisfying. The results seems larger and more noticable. The intricate C programs are way harder to implement, but afterwards they are difficult to show ones mom – She won‘t be as impressed as with the shiny web things.

At the moment, I prefer to do “C”. I like the level of abstraction and the enigma about it. Writing sleek recursive functions is great. Love that.